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Nice customer service and good helper with affordable price

— Tara R., West Des Moines, IA

I had a tire that needed repaired & Kevin got me in & they took care of it very quickly. Their service has always been great!!

— Dennise H., West Des Moines , IA

Started out with some issues on the price. Dealing with a sick manager gone Alan stepped up and sid his best. Some paperwork issues that Kevin cleared up when he got back. The mechanical side of things went 100% great. Overall we will continue to drive out of our way to go back to Tuffy on grand.

— Thomas L., Des Moined, IA

I have been to this location multiple times. From oil changes to other multiple other services. Even if its nothing major these guys are honest and explain to you what is going on with your vehicle. These guys are great.

— Jay R., West Des Moines, IA

You guys worked magic on my coolant system repair! Thank you for getting it done so quickly and doing a fantastic job. My vehicle is 15 years old and my AC has not worked this well since it was NEW! In fact, I have to keep turning it down, it's working so well (@ 96 degrees outside)! Thank you again, Kevin and team!!

— Deb T., West Des Moines, IA

Had my AC recharged. They were fast and efficient while I waited!

— Rebekah L., Duchesneau, IA

The management and staff are outstanding in this location I've never had better service

— Kevin C., West des Moines , IA

Twice Ive called Tuffys when I had a car problem and needed immediate service- both times the team fit me in within 24 hours. I appreciate their customer service very much!

— Roberta W., Urbandale , IA

Great Price and service

— Joe J., Waukee, IA

Took my 20 year old Corolla in for some badly needed repairs and when I got it back it ran like it was a brand new car! I could not be happier with it and to top it all off they gave me a ride home and picked me up when they were done. I love those miracle workers!

— Bev A., West DesMoines, IA

I've always received excellent service during each of my visits, which is why I've been a repeat customer and always recommend this location to anyone who's looking for an oil change or other services.

— Janice D., Des Moines, IA

Every time I come into Tuffy in West Des Moines, I'm always greeted with the best customer service. Tuffy always exceeds my expectations, and I drive out of there feeling safe and confident that the mechanics did a great job servicing my vehicle. I'm a repeat customer for life!

— Andrea L., Des Moines, IA

I have been going to Tuffy's for a few years after buying some kind of a promotional card. I have been very satisfied with the service there and on this last appointment, I am SO glad that Kevin insisted that I buy 2 new tires, especially since I went out of town this past weekend. I came back in on a pretty snow free interstate, but felt much more safer with the new tires! I liked Kevin's directness, politeness and professionalism and he was NOT pushy at all! Just matter of fact that I needed new tires! Thanks, Kev!!!

— S M., West Des Moines, IA

Again on cross country trips, home to California, we needed service on a auto we purchased. The results were as expected. We think highly of your stall and its nice to know that our satisfaction and safety is your goal. Great work. See you again. Even if it is for an oil change. Thanks again

— Chris H., Eureka, CA

These guys are knowledgeable and caring problem solvers dedicated to getting me on the road safely and economically! It's a shop I can trust :-D

— Rebekah L., Duchesneau, IA

Tuffy Tire & Auto has excellent customer service. We've been taking our vehicles to Tuffy Tire & Auto for several years. One of our vehicles had problems in which other auto service centers could not resolve. Tuffy Tire & Auto was able to locate the problems and fix at a fair price GREAT JOB. I would use and highly recommend them again.

— Chris K., West Des Moines, IA

Had engine trouble as I was traveling through. Made an appointment for the next morning with Tuffy. They got me in and back on the road quickly. Kevin and the guys made this a Great experience considering the circumstances! Highly recommended!!

— Jeremy A., Emporia, KS

Quick, fast, and accurate diagnostic. I appreciated the great service on my car. They found an oil leak which turned out to be a shock that went bad. No pressure in using their services + they gave me a road side hazard for 12 months. Thanks!

— Susan A., West Des Moines, IA

Every time I go to Tuffy West Des Moines they take EXCELLENT care of me Thanks for your Great Service

— Tawana B., West Des Moines, IA

I was impressed that I left my car in the morning & it was ready to go that afternoon. The service was great! I received a call in which they explained everything that was wrong & what needed to be done & the cost. They were very professional & also caring. I have more work to be done & I will be taking my car back to Tuffys for this. Will definitely recommend them to others!

— Dennise H., West Des Moines, IA

These guys are not only great mechanics; they are truly nice people. I'm 84 years old and making dumb mistakes! Yesterday I showed up for an appointment that was actually for 2 days later and they did the work as though I wasn't there on the wrong day. When I called them this morning to apologize they assured me it was quite all right. Not everyone is that kind but I really appreciate those who are.Vua

— Bev A., West Des Moines, IA

Excellent work and customer service - very responsive and professional.

— Chad S., West Des Moines, IA

The new management was excellent. He was patient, friendly, and explained all of the options clearly. The staff was also extremely good. I would highly recommend Tuffy's in West Des Moines to everyone!

— Diane C., West Des Moines, IA

Great service, fast friendly & convenient. Didn't wait too long for an oil change. Good recommendations on needed maintenance.

— Llew A., West Des Moines, IA

The team at Tuffys was great! They were informative and professional and Ill definitely be back!

— Ashley M., West Des Moines , IA

The guys at Tuffy are great! I came in for an oil change and tire rotation and they informed me my engine cradle was completely rusted thru. That was a serious problem any other place would have ignored it but they didnt. I have continued to return to the West Des Moines location because these guys know there stuff and are not put to drain ur bank account

— Bridget T., Des Moines , IA

The guys at West Des Moines Tuffy made my Saturday so much easier than it could've been. I'm so thankful for their service. On Thursday I realized BOTH of my headlights were out. I bought new bulbs, but then had other priorities. On Friday morning at 5 am, I frantically attempted to change the bulbs before my commute to work. I messed everything up, including removing clips that were supposed to stay attached to the car. Ultimately, I waited as long as I could for the sun to come up (at least partially) and drove to work without headlights. Saturday morning, the guys at Tuffy fixed all the mistakes I'd made and now I have lights again. They were busy, but took time out to give me a hand. Thanks!

— Keary S., Des Moines, IA

Excellent service provided on my daughter's vehicle. Oil change and tune-up performed very well and staff was extremely friendly.

— John ., west des moines, IA

Very good service. All services that my car needed were clearly explained. They worked with me on options, which should be done first, next and what could be done later. Prices were reasonable. I will definitely be recommending Tuffy's to my friends.

— Lynn S., Clive, IA

The manager, Patrick and mechanic Robert were very curtious and went well beyond to insure that my car was properly diagnosed and option given for repair. They are first class in my book.

— Steven I., Des Moines, IA

They have fixed everything that needed to be fix in a very timely manner.

— Lauren W., West Des Moines, IA

I have been referred by a co worker who has had a fantastic experience. I will be using Tuffy as a result!

— Danyel P., West Des Moines, IA

I've been taking my car to Tuffy for a couple of years now. The price is as good as it gets in DSM metro & service is typically fast & friendly. Highly recommended.

— Kyle R., West Des Moines, IA

I have gone to Tuffy in Ankeny. They have never done me wrong with my car. Sometimes I don't like what they say, but they are always honest. I have also recently moved and will be trusting my car to the West Des Moines Tuffy. I really trust they will treat me just like the Ankeny Tuffy treated me.

— Kelli M., Des Moines, IA

Honenst, reliable automotive service shop. They have helped me tremendously and have worked above and beyond helping me during a stressful car repair situation. I definitely recommend the West Des Moines location!

— Kati H., West Des Moines , IA

Stopped in back in August, was glad I did. Will be going in again next week. Service was great and I thought the prices were also. For me it's always nice to find a company that I feel is honest and competent, especially for cars.

— dan m., desmoines, IA

My husband brought my car here for a flat tire about 2 months ago. Service was spectacular! In and out, quick, efficient service!! He even got a free lunch out ofnhis visit! We will be back!!

— Crystal p., West Des Moines, IA

I have a 2005 Buick LeSabre which now has over 306k miles on it. I have always had excellent service, no pressure, and my car is in excellent mechanical condition.

— Chris H., Dexter, IA

A friend suggested that I try Tuffy Muffler in West Des Moines for a quote for a new exhaust system after I had received a staggering estimate from the local Firestone store. Am I glad I did! The service was friendly, efficient and the quote was literally a quarter of the cost of Firestone's. I couldn't believe my ears when they told me. Not only did I receive a great estimate but they pulled my vehicle back in the garage so I would not have to walk out in the rain. I will be returning to this store for all of my automotive needs.

— Becky C., West Des Moines, IA

Amazing Service!!! So helpful, knowledgable, and friendly. Jim and Wyatt took great care of me and my car. My first time there and I felt like I was back home with my dad and uncle working on my car. I will definately be back for my car needs and highly recommend to anyone who wants an honest shop to take there car to.

— Jackie T., West Des Moines, IA

George Garwood is an excellent manager and provides great customer service. Wyatt is a great mechanic. They always provide great service and I will continue to return to Tuffys.

— Steven I., Des Moines, IA

Excellent service!!!

— Nancy G., Norwalk , IA

George Garwood is one of the best managers I have dealt with at a service center, this would include the likes of Goodyear, midas or tiresplus. I will return to this store just due to the fact on how I was treated!! Great service as well. Wyatt, the mechanic was great!! He explained everything that was done in detail, neither one of them pushed anything on me. wonderful place to do service work!! Thanks!!

— John P., West Des Moines, IA

They were very helpful and was very knowledgeable. Made me feel right at home. Thanks

— arlene c., Norwalk, IA

When my husbands car had an issue, we called and they got us right in. We conveniently dropped the car off at night and by 10:30 the next morning we had an estimate of the charge and the time when it would be ready. They know what they were talking about, made the repairs timely and efficiently, and the service and communication was top notch every step of the way. I will NEVER go anywhere else for my auto repair and maintenance needs. Thanks EJ and John!

— Shelli ., Waukee, IA

Tuffy on grand Avenue has great service goes the extra mile to get your car in quickly and has affordable prices. Thanks guys!

— Elliot B., West Des Moines , IA

I have used this location a number of times because I purchased a discount packet that allowed me to get a number of services at a great rate. I have always been greeted with a positive attitude and realistic time frames. I have never been disappointed!

— Emily A., Cohen, IA

Staff is very nice. He told exact issue. Will visit for all my car work, also will recomend all my friends.

— SOMNATH B., West desmoines, IA

I had just found a screw in my tire. I stopped by Tuffy's in West Des Moines on what was a busy Saturday for them. Since I didn't have an appointment George asked if I could leave my car. That wasn't an option so I offered to put on the spare and leave the tire and return later. George said "let's go ahead and do it now". Fortunately the screw had not penetrated the steel belts so no repair was needed. They did not charge me for the time spent removing the screw.

— Mike H., West Des Moines, IA

I went here to get a belt change and the service was awesome

— Scalicity b., des moines, IA

Great and fast customer, and service. Done right the first time.

— Brandon S., Waukee, IA

Very good service that is affordable and nice people to are easy to talk to even if you know nothing about cars.

— Alex R., Des Moines, IA

After going with my girlfriends car to Tuffy to have her oil change and car serviced, I was shocked at their incredible service. It was far beyond what I had come to expect from my previous auto servicer. Moving forward, I'll be taking all of my business to Tuffy.

— Jordan C., West Des Moines, IA

Fast and friendly service.

— Melissa A., West des moines, IA

Positive experience! Especially considering I was in the middle of negative car troubles! I expected the worst...but received the BEST! Great service and professional staff!

— lisa b., west des moines, IA

I'm new in the neighborhood and was referred to Tuffy's from a friend. They got my car in right away and were very friendly and knowledgeable. The Manager personally showed me what parts needed repair and included their mechanic for additional questions or feedback. I would highly recommend them!

— Dorothy t., West Des Moines, IA

Amazing! The "Tuffy" team has been my "go to mechanic" for the last several years and I couldn't be more impressed with their customer service and performance! I have a 1997 Jeep Wrangler with over 200K miles that's is still running fabulous thanks to their continued routine maintenance and kind care for my "old treasure"! They work hard to make sure my vehicle is safe and road worthy, while never making me feel like they are trying to charge extra for services it doesn't need. I've referred many friends and acquaintances their can't go wrong!

— renae j., west des moines , IA

Great experience at Tuffy's! I should have written this review a long time ago! I've been taking my vehicles to Tuffy's for the past several years and they have always done a good job! Last Christmas eve (in the afternoon), me and my son started on a road trip to Kansas City to see our family for the holiday. We didn't get far when I realized my car was overheating. I managed to get it towed to Tuffy's (free thru a service I had with their location). They went above and beyond all expectations and stayed late to fix my car and get us back on the road (thermostat and sensors)!!!! I can't say enough about how much that meant to me and how appreciative we are to have them in our neighborhood! Thanks Tuffy!!!

— beth w., West Des Moines, IA

Manager was very personable and professional when setting up appointment.

— Scott P., West Des Moines, IA

I have been enlisting the services for my car at this service center for at least 10 years. I am very happy with their honesty, friendliness and over all desire to the job right the first time, and if there is a problem they are more than willing to make it right. Sob (Sweet Ol Bob)

— Robert S., West Des Moines, IA

We were very lucky to have "Patrick" help us on a holiday weekend. They were friendly, honest, and PROFESSIONAL... We have our own full service garage and dealership here in PA and we were 13 hours away when our vehicle needed attention, Pat and the crew made us feel like we were on the same team for years and made us feel a lot more comfortable about the situation... i highly recommend this garage for anyone who happens to live near here.. Thanks again from MEASE MOTORS

— MeaseMotors -., lebanon, PA

This location went above beyond on a repair on my 2006 Jeep! I would highly recommend them.

— Rod C., WDM, IA

I would highly recommend this location! Wade will treat you as though you are family, and you won't even realize how long you've been in the shop. Dave will fix your car as if it were his own in a timely manner. I have never been as satisfied with a mechanic as I am with Tuffy West Des Moines. They will be my mechanic for as long as I'm in the area!

— Elizabeth T., West Des Moines, IA

Although the sign and website say they open at 7:30 they didn't have a technician able to work on my truck until 8. Wade, the manager, can come off harsh but is a straight shooter and just tells it like it is. He made sure I was taken care of and got to know me ensuring repeat business. They got my truck right in and got to work on it right at 8a.m. Wade and his team had a hard time being short staffed but were on top of everything and I will definitely be a repeat customer.

— Josh W., West Des Moines, IA

Wade and his crew were there for my daughter when I couldn't be. Now I know if she needs anything, they are just a phone call away. Thank you for everything!

— Roxanne G., Sterling, IL

I've been coming to this location for 5 years now. Each appointment has been handled efficiently & the staff has been great to work with. I would highly recommend this particular location for your vehicles scheduled maintenance & repair needs

— Jeff B., West Des Moines, IA



Every service that has been done for our vehicles, most recently an oil change and tire rotation, has been done efficiently and we have been treated like we are the one and only customer. Love it there!

— Everett C., Norwalk, IA

Very fair and fast. They got me home. thanks Ward, Jon and Dave.

— Mike m., Kansas city, MO

I have taken my car there a few times and have the best service! They are more than helpful and not out there to just make money!I feel very comfortable knowing when I need work done that this is the place I want doing the work. Thanks guys!

— Angela G., Johnston, IA

Great service here. The manager Wade was very helpful and informative. Awesome experience and will definitely be coming back for future services!

— Alyssa M., Urbandale, IA

Great guys great job

— joey j., des moines, IA

Would recommend to anyone! Really nice guys, great and timely service, they have always explained everything to me in detail before beginning work. Great!!

— David P., West Des Moines, IA

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